tokyo: andreas gursky

© andreas gursky - photo from the 99 cent series [1999]

hailing from düsseldorf, andreas gursky is known for his large-format stunning architecture and landscape photographs that very often provide critical look at the effect of capitalism and globalisation on contemporary life. since the early 1990s gursky has traveled across the planet to scavenge sites of commerce and tourism, making imagery that ranges from the vast, anonymous architecture of modern day hotel lobbies, apartment buildings and warehouses to stock exchanges and parliaments in various cities. opening wed - jul 3 at the national art center in tokyo is gursky's first exhibition in japan. the major showcase presents 65 photographs, all selected by the the photographer himself, and ranging from early works from the 1980s to masterpieces such as 99 cent and pyongyang I series, to his most recent works. a related lecture on gursky's work and gallery talk will be held on jul 14 and jul 19 respectively [japanese only]. location: 7-22-2 roppongi [roppongi].

© andreas gursky - photos from the pyongyang l [2007] and qatar [2012] series [top and bottom]