tokyo: aleksandr rodchenko

© rodchenko + stepanova archives / aleksandr rodchenko - poster for soviet propaganda [1924]

history has proven that communism is merely a great theory. once brought into practice, it eventually becomes an unscrupulous behemoth. but let's not go down that dark down-trodden path, folks. on the brighter side, its ideologies and principles instigated an exciting revolution in the arts, and works from this era now increasingly gain appreciation in a wider circle. currently on at tokyo's ginza graphic gallery is aleksandr rodchenko - innovator of the russian avant-garde, an exhibition on aleksandr rodchenko, a prominent russian avant-garde artist whose creativity fed off socialist principles and surged to new heights in many forms. the exhibition focuses on rodchenko's groundbreaking graphic work and photography that he created within a short period from around the russian revolution to the late 1920s, and also his unique world of photography since 1924, adopting a technique called 'perspective foreshortening'. rodchenko's influence on graphic design as a whole is undeniable [on through mar 27]. location: dnp ginza building, 7-7-2 ginza [ginza].

© rodchenko + stepanova archives / aleksandr rodchenko - illustration for young guard magazine [1924]