tokyo: aesop store opening

in a relatively short period of time, aesop has become a fixture in tokyo's retail scene, operating stores in the most relevant shopping areas. still in expansion mode, the australian cosmetics brand has just opened its tenth standalone signature boutique in the scenic naka meguro neighbourhood. the store is situated along the tree-lined meguro river and once again features a specially designed interior, and this time by architect shinichiro ogata of local archotecture and design practice simplicity. similarly to other aesop store, the interior takes cues from the area's past, in this case it's geophysical history as an abundant water source, and very much linked to that fact, naka meguro's importance as a place for commerce and industry. 

the retail space measures a sizeable 110 sqm. [1,184 sq.ft.], and features a setting that beautifully balances old and new with display cabinets of teak and woven washi paper, and simple mid-century style furnishings. aesop's signature sink obviously is present as well, and comes in in the shape of a brass trough against a backdrop of concrete. at the back of the store an intimate courtyard can be found. as of coming fall, the store will add facial treatment rooms staffed by specially trained therapists, a novelty for the brand in the ;and of the rising sun. the new aesop boutique carries the full range of skin, body and hair care products. location: 1-13-9 kami meguro [naka meguro].

© takumi ota