tokyo: aesop store opening

© aesop - welcome to aesop ginza

we wouldn't have bet on it five years ago, but tokyo's traditionally upmarket ginza area is gradually getting an little edge. packed to the guilds with high-end boutiques and world class flagships, it's now also attracting brands that can be labeled more as hipster chic than ostentatious luxe. the latest cool brand to arrive is aesop. mind you, it was only in december of last year that the australian cosmetics brand opened its first shop in aoyama. for the new store aesop's creative manager hiroko shiratori collaborated once again with architect jo nagasaka. the latter chose red brick as primary material as a nod to the street's informal name of red brick street. combined with wooden shelves and additional copper detailing - paying homage to an era when quality plumbing was highly regarded - it gives the store interior an exotic euro-artisanal vibe. the aesop store carries the brand's entire cosmetics collection. location: 4-3-5 ginza [ginza].

© aesop - red brick splendour