tokyo: biotop store opening

© adam et ropé

adam et ropé has been a fixture in japan's fashion landscape for as long as we can remember, with many stores across the country that stock its own collections next to a-grade fashion brands from around the planet. the brand's store in leafy shirokanedai, just south of roppongi, had already been around for 20 years. totally in check with a contemporary mindset, it was recently rebranded as biotop, a high-end concept store where lifestyle has an edge of eco-consciousness and sustainability. directional stylist takashi kumagai was appointed as creative director, and under his supervision the store morphed into quite a spectacular oasis of green lifestyle. a striking addition is the star-shaped tree house in the courtyard, a new landmark of the store. but inside there are plenty of wonderful changes too. 

renowned aoyama-based flower shop fuga opened a shop-in-shop, featuring unique potted plants from australia, south america and other remote parts of the planet. elsewhere on the ground floor there's a corner dedicated to the fragrances of santa maria novella from italy and an area where new york's saturdays surf stocks its cool apparel line. one floor up you'll find adam et ropé's range of men's and women's collections in addition to an exclusive and well-edited range of international labels. the third floor is the domain of irving place, a restaurant produced by uichi yamamoto and designed by ichiro katami that serves a wide range of healthy dishes. location: 4-6-44 shirokanedai [shirokanedai].

© adam et ropé - the tree house, men's and women's sections and restaurant [top to bottom]