tokyo: about a girl

impossible is a collective that keeps the polaroid legacy alive and kicking. founded by 10 former employees of the instant film camera manufacturer, they got together in 2008 to save the last polaroid production plant for integral instant film on the planet [in enschede, netherlands] and started to invent and produce totally new instant film materials for traditional polaroid cameras. additionally, they stage related events at their art spaces and [pop-up] stores in new york, vienna and tokyo. currently on at the japanese branch is about a girl, a collab exhibition with photographer takashi homma. on display are a series of portraits of model and cult actress kiko mizuhara, using polaroid's px 680 color shade ff and px silver shade 600 uv+ grey frame film [on through aug 21]. location: oak building, 2nd floor, 1-20-5 aobadai [naka meguro].
© takashi homma - kiko mizuhara caught on polaroid film