tokyo: 9h

capsule hotels are a typical japanese phenomenon. consisting of stacked modular units [roughly measuring 2 x 1 meter], they feature basic amenities such as tv and radio, and are mostly used by ‘stranded’ commuters. this cheap hospitality concept was first introduced in the late 70s in osaka by starchitect kisho kurokawa and remains popular to this day. opening next december in kyoto is 9h [nine hours], a next-generation capsule hotel created by designer masaaki hiromura and interior designer takaaki nakamura. the result is a capsule hotel concept that fuses modern design, comfort and new technology. this technology, dubbed sleeping environment system, has been developed in collaboration with panasonic denko and aims to increase the guest's well-being. and you know what? you don't have to wait until the end of the year to take a closer look as a special exhibition dedicated to the 9h capsule hotel, opens at tokyo's axis gallery on wed - aug 19. location: 5-17-1 roppongi, 4th floor [roppongi].

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