tokyo: 24 hours at ace

last year ace hotel new york partnered with the impossible project, the protagonist of polaroid creativity, and stocked each of its guest rooms with a refurbished polaroid camera and limited edition, custom packs of a px600 silver shade instant black + white collab film in the mini–bar. to celebrate that collab, the related 24 hours at the ace exhibition was held, featuring a series of cool polaroid shots by friends of both ace hotel and the impossible project. this popular show now travels all the way to tokyo, opening at the impossible project space on fri - jun 22. a slew of creatives participated in the show, including adam goldberg, chloe aftel, elijah wood, pat sansone and steve olson, and especially for this showcase a few from japan were added. location: 1-20-5 aobadai, second floor [naka meguro].

© ace hotel / photo: dave ortiz