tokyo: 1ldk apartments store opening

photo: taste and sense terrace

1ldk is a concept store launched a few years ago in tokyo's naka meguro area by fashion veteran takayuki minami. named after an abbreviation that's widely used in japanese real estate to describe apartments [1 living, dining, kitchen], it actually occupies a small street-level apartment in that area. the tiny store carries a sharp selection of men's apparel, shoes and accessories, and quickly gained a huge following among the city's hipster crowd. 1ldk has now expanded to b-town east, a low-rise complex across the street with a new and innovative retail formula that not only spices up the neighbourhood but also has had the shop's following dropping by in droves. matchingly named 1ldk apartments, the new store consists of separate retail elements and spaces. one could say that it complements the existing 1ldk men's store and more or less caters to a female demographic. already operational is taste and sense, a cutesy lunchroom where to meet up for coffee and a string of tasty afternoon bites. the edited/found store stocks a wide range of select accessories homewares, or dare we way trophies, from japan and abroad. opening mid-august is 1ldk me, a separate section that will feature a sharp selection of women's apparel, shoes and accessories. don't miss out on this new store when in the neighbourhood! location: 1-7-13 kami meguro [naka meguro].

photos: inside taste and sense and the edited/found store [top to bottom]