tel aviv: ron arad - in reverse

© ron arad associates - a crushed fiat 500

hailing from tel aviv, ron arad [1951] is widely regarded as one of today's leading creatives with a stellar list of projects in art, design and architecture to his name. arad returns to design museum holon - a structure he designed and which opened in 2010 - with an exhibition that spans three decades of his work in metal, the master's fav material. the showcase culminates in a peculiar new project that explores, through physical experiments and digital simulations, the way in which car bodies, specifically the fiat 500, behave under compression. six crushed models have been suspended on the walls, each flattened to resemble the outcome of an accident in a cartoon or a child’s drawing, and lacking a sense of depth.

these vehicles surround a curved wooden forming buck, a mould that was used to shape and fit the metal panels of the car which is on loan from the centro storico fiat in turin. situated opposite is arad's new sculpture roddy giacosa [2013], resembling the tiny car and made from hundreds of polished stainless steel rods on a metal armature. also on display are various objects, primarily chairs made from steel, from his earliest works in the 1980s to more recent pieces. additionally, there's a showcase of crushed objects and other items that were arad's studies and tests. at the museum's he lower gallery the focus shifts back to the fiat 500, and it's here where arad’s digital simulation of the crushing process of a recent fiat 500 model and a sculpture derived from one frame of this film are featured [on through oct 19]. location: 8 derech pinhas eilon [holon].

© ron arad associates - exhibition setting and sketch [top to bottom]