tel aviv: free wifi network

being connected has become an essential part of modern life, especially when on holiday or business abroad. the city of tel aviv anticipates this specific need of the savvy traveler and is the first city on the planet to offer free high-speed wifi access at the city's most popular tourist attractions. called free_tlv, the network currently features 60 so-called hotspots across town and a further 20 will be operational shortly. the locations include beaches, parks and your typical tourist attractions. the wifi hotspots are stationed at several points along streets, and have a speed of five megabytes. however, downloading large files and entering file-sharing sites will be blocked, and firewalls will be put in place to prevent access to offensive sites. tel aviv is already known as a leading tech hubs with many of the planet's tech giants having set up shop here. tel aviv mayor ron huldai said that installing this free network was to demonstrate this status and the city's aim to be a leader in innovation.

© ron shohani - view of tel aviv