tehran: clayton campbell

peculiar for an american contemporary artist to exhibit in tehran? well, maybe not in clayton campbell's case. given the themes of the exhibited work, we imagine his show which opens on fri - jun 25 at aaran art gallery, was readily approved by the authorities. but other than that it's pretty interesting work. on display are two of his photographic installations. the first is words my son has learned since 9-11, a cross-cultural project that researches how people view themselves in a post 9-11 reality through learned language. also showcased are the after abu ghraib large photo collage series which re-contextualize the notorious series of photos of u.s. soldiers torturing iraqi citizens at baghdad's abu ghraib prison. location: 9 dey street, north kheradmand avenue [behjat abad]. © clayton campbell - after abu ghraib #8