taipei: prada store opening

© prada - the biggest prada store in the country

prada already operated four stores in taipei, but the luxury brand voraciousness of local shoppers has inspired the italian luxury brand to step up its presence and open its biggest store in the country at the swanky taipei 101 mall. similar to the majority of prada stores, this one has also been designed by house architect roberto baciocchi, and occupies no less than 1,000 sqm. [10,764 sq.ft.] spread over two floors. the curved store front blends harmoniously with the atrium's double-height architecture. the entrances, windows and light boxes are framed in shiny marquina black marble and ploshed steel finishes. the store features a series of different sections, each with a distinct vibe and dedicated to a specific collection. the lower floor features prada's signature black + white checkered floor, and displays women's leather goods, in addition to an area for the men's collections. an eye-catcher is the staircase in marquina marble off-set by walls covered in green fabric panels. the second floor features the elaborate women's collections, and the ready-to-wear area has a special set-up with green curtains walls and mirrors. location: 45 shi fu road, floor 4 + 5 [xinyi].

© prada - how very milano...