taipei: pow! wow! taiwan

© pow! wow! / artist: insa

hailing from sunny honolulu, jasper wong's love for the arts led him to hong kong where in 2010 he set up above second, a popular urban art space with a solid reputation in the city and far beyond. having built quite an expansive global network of artistic friends over the years, wong later on launched the highly successful pow! wow! urban art events in his hometown and in hong kong. seeing plenty of opportunity to expand, wong is taking pow! wow! to taipei where the inaugural edition is held may 28 - jun 3. pow! wow! taiwan will the biggest event to date, showcasing expansive murals by both talented local and international at locations across the taiwanese capital. but it’s not only about the murals, but also about viewing the weeklong process in action and sharing artwork that can inspire people of all ages. additionally, the program features satellite exhibitions, a media conference with participating artists, a street art panel forum with a number of relevant speakers and a not-to-be-missed closing party. pow! wow! taiwan's list of participating artists includes skewville, chou yi, jeff hamada, graphic airlines and aaron de la cruz

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