taipei: empire of dreams

© phunk - love [2012]

the creative wizards behind singapore's phunk studio are headed for taipei to showcase their stunning work. opening sat - dec 22 [3pm-6pm] at gallery j*chen is empire of dreams, an exhibition of new works that'll introduce a different artistic mood from the black humor represented in their previous exhibition. this new showcase is very much a celebration of dreams, and members alvin tan, melvin chee, jackson tan and william chan have fused the elements of design and art, and adorn traditional iconography with new meanings. moreover, they refer to diversity of sources to create a complicated flamboyance in their unique way. this very much complies with phunk's controlled chaos philosophy. the works on display are reinterpretations of the foundation and ethos of love, faith and hope, and aim to convey the power of dreams to the audience. location: 40 lane 161, third floor [da'an].

© phunk - army of love [2012]