taipei: beams taipei store opening

© beams / photography: teitoukei - a new arrival in taipei

japanese fashion and style continue to be a major source of inspiration for the hipster community across asia, and a increasing number of japanese brands and retailers are banking on this ever-growing popularity abroad. one of them is beams, a major player in the land of the rising sun with a large nationwide network of shops and hospitality venues in a variety of sophisticated lifestyle formulas. for a couple of years beams has been operating a number of stores in hong kong, and opened up shop in beijing and shanghai later on. its latest expansion abroad is a store in taiwan's bustling capital taipei, the very first in the country.

situated in the city's songshan district, the store features a rustic façade that takes cues from seaside cottages along the u.s. northeast coast, and the them obviously extends well indoors where an abundance of timber has been applied to construct furnish the entire retail space. adding up to the cozy vibe are a matching range of carefully sourced props. the new beams store carries a variety of apparel, shoes and accessories for men women and also kids. it stocks items from the beams, ray beams, beams boy, beams t, bpr beams, tokyo cultuart by beams and kodomo beams collections, in addition to select other japanese and international brands. location: 340 fujin street [songshan].

© beams / photography: teitoukei - can you handle all these goodies?