sydney: perks and mini flagship store opening

© perks and mini - welcome to the sydney pambassy it's not at homebase melbourne but in sydney where cult streetwear label perks and mini open their second store [the very first launched two years ago in fashion hub tokyo]. occupying the former location of the kindred-spirited monster children gallery, the store features a basic all-white interior with linear-positioned floor-to-ceiling clothes racks. combined with the black + white checkered floor, it's the perfect graphic backdrop for the colourful merchandise on display. speaking of which, next to perks and mini's full product range, it stocks items of other coveted labels such as cosmic wonder, wood wood, norse projects, ally capellino and bless. later this year the chosen one shop-in-shop concept will be launched, featuring specially curated trophies from a string of cool cities across the planet. location: 20 burton street [darlinghurst].

© perks and mini - a store packed with coolness