sydney: new earth

© jacob ring - deep field #7 [2012] - archival inkjet print

opening today [6pm-8pm] at sydney's gallery 2010 is new earth, an exhibition by photographer jacob ring. on display is an extensive collection of almost 100 images, curated by independent curator, publisher and gallerist joseph allen shea. ring’s art is motivated by a compulsion to represent the grand and small wonders of this planet, and his newest work radiates a sublime connectedness from a singular perspective. it's personal, intuitive and a decidedly internal take on an earth we all know. the planet we all know from varied personal experiences. acknowledging such an intuitive representation, much of ring’s work is concerned with layers of reality. even when shooting representational subject matter, it's regularly stripped back, reducing the amount of information delivered to the viewer in an attempt to show more. yes, jacob ring is a chromesthete, affected by the sound to colour variety of the neurological condition synaesthesia. visualising sound as colour and imagery is a peculiar trait that ring is moved to add to his practice. at the crux of this body of work are seven abstract photographs that deal with this hereditary condition. the show will also be accompanied by the launch of a  limited edition 32-page publication by izrock pressings [on through sep 23]. location: 69 reservoir street [surry hills].

© izrock pressings - book spreads from the new earth publication