sydney: clover moore destroys rushcutters bay

tyrannical sydney lord mayor clover moore and the independent councilors of the city of sydney have voted to nuke a rare green oasis located near the inner city. the rushcutters bay tennis courts and cafe is one of sydney's great hidden locations in one of the most attractive neighborhoods on earth. it's also dead center in the middle of the most densely populated square kilometer in australia and so attracts an eclectic and eccentric clientele unlike anywhere else in this city. even worse, and despite hundreds of letter of protest, in a scenario that sounds more like a decision you would expect from a communist dictatorship than democratic and green australia, the councilors led by councilor moore have now voted to remove its operator of 26 years. the lord mayor has bulldozed this decision through council without any regard for public opinion. for many years, the staff of superfuture sydney regularly hold meetings here and like all other local residents, we 100% support the current operators, and have always felt that the council's decision to destroy the park and café was absolutely outrageous. send your protest email immediately to the lord mayor who has voted to destroy rushcutters bay! location: 7 waratah street rushcutters bay [kings cross] photos © andrew lehmann