sydney: anish kapoor

© anish kapoor / photography: alex davies  / anish kapoor - installation view, stainless steel

it's the final two weeks before the curtain falls, but if there's one show you have to go to and see this very instant, it's anish kapoor's at the museum of contemporary art. the artist's first major exhibition in australia brings together a fine selection of key works from the early stages of kapoor’s career to the present day. the show explores the artist’s continuous experimentation across a wide variety of materials including clay, plastic, pigment, steel and wax to create works of rather stunning visual power and emotional impact. kapoor is influenced by both his indian heritage and western philosophy, in particular metaphysics, and his artworks seek to understand what it is to be human. also featured is a selection of the early works that first brought kapoor to prominence in the early 1980s. created following a short trip to india, 1000 names consists of primary coloured geometric forms produced using brightly coloured powdered pigments placed on the floor or situated on the wall [on through apr 1]. location: 140 george street [the rocks].

© anish kapoor / photography: alex davies / anish kapoor - 1000 names [1981] and memory [2008]