hong kong: superfuture print city guide series

hong kong: superfuture print city guide series

the superguide series

the superfuture superguide travel series was originally created in 1999 for globally minded fashion and design related professionals who needed to stay informed of the freshest establishments around the planet. starting in tokyo, it was a reaction against the typical tourist driven recommendations and formats available at that time.

originally available online only, superfuture has become synonymous with detailed city shop reviews and maps, which developed into custom itineraries and guides for both private and corporate clients. soon after this, followed a series of periodically edited downloadable PDF city guides. to date superfuture produces and maintains 10 cities worldwide. with the introduction of app technology, superfuture also created an iphone app for hong kong and tokyo. 

superfuture now presents its third iteration of the series with its first ever print edition in collaboration with hong kong based retailer and publisher kapok

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superfuture founder and producer wayne berkowitz explains: “new technologies will always keep emerging  though there is still something satisfying about holding an old-skool printed map when discovering a city”... he continues: “looking at my smartphone screen is the last thing I want to do on a holiday – sure, it’s great for taking instagram pics, but trying to multitask and view maps and read lists on a tiny screen totally stresses me out”. 

“it’s pretty obvious that these days’ people have increasingly limited attention spans; zero time to read lengthy guidebooks, and zero patience for research. i feel this is exactly the sort of city guide that is suited to our hyper technological lives - one that is highly curated and simply informs users of the definitive places they need to see. no more. no less... and a clear map to help them navigate. one that they can scribble on with a pen and will still be there when their phone battery inevitably runs out”.

the supernew mini guide format

this new simplified format is an easy-to-read hand held folded list of short, sharp reviews and detailed maps. a curated best selection of current shops, food and dining, nightlife and culture. “hong kong is the perfect city for exploring on foot as you never know what you’ll discover down a little lane, up a flight of stone stairs, or inside one of the thousands of jam-packed commercial buildings”, says superguide editor kate springer. “we have tried to capture that colorful, eclectic vibe by carefully selecting a mixture of worthy openings and timeless gems — all laid out on easy-to-use maps with suggested walking paths”. the folded layout is packaged inside a protective sleeve cover. 

the future printernet

for those still hooked to their tech devices, the guide also provides an interface to connect to a downloadable version of the print guide via QR code. 


available now at KAPOK hong kong stores or online via KAPOK webshop $HK95 [$US12]

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for all other enquiries send us a message at hello@superfuture.com !!

more details at superfuture.com/printed