superfuture 4.0 : week 1 : superbug status

first 7 days... / rearranging 1 gigabyte of data was never going to be fun... here's the latest bug status summary / front page 1. aaaargh. that 'new reviews' list is not new! more like 2001 ;-( ... the latest reviews are not yet logging. [FIXED] / supertravel 1. offline reviews are still appearing in the review summary lists. 2. still a few glitches in the supertravel navigation. for some reason all roads seem to lead to sweden. hmm? 3. front page featured image is not matching text description... in case you were wondering... 4. our image uploader for shops is not quite in service. once it is, we'll be adding 100s of shop images. 5. some of the googlemaps are not displaying. 6. plus plenty of other minor thangs.. / supernews 1. authors names missing on posts etc... / supertalk / supercontrol 1. way too many functionality bugs to list but they are systematically getting sorted out one by one. we understand and appreciate that the patience of an average supertalk users is 0.01 seconds so it's not surprising many users are rioting. we are also supertalk users and finding this just as annoying and frustrating as everyone else. we know what the issues are [thanks to everyone pointing them out a dozen times in a dozen threads] and just need to work through them. should be largely worked out over the next week. the site was working properly before the switch to new server but the IP change messed up a lot of the links and unfortunately almost all the custom settings returned to default mode. / 2. as for the design issues... yep. design and usability needs to be tweaked for sure. we knew that before we launched but unfortunately the launch deadline beat the programming schedule... so we are playing catchup. it also didn't help that our entire reviews database was being constantly hacked over the last few months so this had made the need to make the changeover faster than we really wanted to. despite what people seem to think!?, superfuture is no google or myspace. our technical department doesn't have 100 people working in it. people have suggested we should have had endless testing sessions, set up mirror servers and so on... but on our budget this just wasn't realistic or even technically possible. we did make the disclaimer that this is a beta version...[3.9] and to expect bugs... / 3. the single biggest issue in all the feedback has been the addition of the left hand column which conforms to the template of the overall superfuture site. we have been aware of this issue and have an alternative interface option planned... / 4. as to the question about why move from supertalk 3.0 to 4.0 when 3.0 was working fine...? sure. there was nothing wrong with 3.0. the issue was more about the long term development and management of the entire website. we were spending so much time and money running different servers in multiple locations, running multiple ad servers, having to compile multiple stats reports, having to login to multiple admin systems, etc. it was always quite obvious that sooner rather than later this all desperately needed to be consolidated into one location and the website content consolidated on one database. obviously this was going to cause a few unwelcome consequences - but on the upside, having all this content consolidated has turned the superfuture database into a formidable entity for future development. there are very few websites - in fact NONE- that have a messageboard seemlessly linked to a geocoded map system, blog and shopping engine... if we had kept supertalk 3.0 maybe it would have eventually rotted away. supertalk 4.0 might rot away too given the backlash of the past week! but i think once the bugs get sorted and the added functionality get implemented then supertalk 4.0 will be worth the short-term cyberpain. / maybe i'm wrong, but at this point there's no going back! / apologies for the hassle, thanks for your feedback, and thanks for your patience. wayne//