superfuture 4.0 is live !

well almost... after all... who really would expect this to go off according to the superplan? let's just call it superfuture 3.9 till christmas before getting too excited... because there are still a few glitches to fix, pixels to align, reviews to ID, and new servers to test out... in fact, i can't even figure out how to insert a line break in this giant slab of blurb... but you should get the general idea. yep/ since 1999 when we launched superfuture as a predominantly map and urban travel website we have had 3 major upgrades [or was it 4?] though since 2003 rather than upgrade the website we really just added new sections to the site - like supertalk - and supernews - which developed independently - both technically and in terms of audience. in fact, the website has operated on different databases and so effectively operated as a series of different websites. in addition, supertalk operated fully web 2.0 compatible while the travel site was still a web 1.0 antique. the plan has always been to consolidate the lot together into a rather monumental site which combines our supermaps with geocoded maps, ramps up the shop reviews and travel site and combines this with our 32,000 plus member supertalk community, adds a turbocharged news blog, and then give everyone their own shop... sounds impossible... yes. anyway we have [almost] done it... and it has only taken 5 years!! superfuture has always been a work in progress and so we will keep updating things as we go... we have much more functionality ready to implement but just need to do it slowly... so don't expect perfection just yet - but we expect to reach that point sometime in early 2009. / so with that said we need to warn you... there are a few bugs and so rather than having 1000 people email us the same thing we will list the known bugs here: otherwise if you want to tell us something you have found please email to: bugs [at] / supertravel ok, so the reviews are a slight mess. chaos reigns. best not to even look till 2009 we think... : ) 1. most review descriptions still have spam tacked to end of the descriptions due to that hack attack in july. we are systematically having to go through reviews one by one to clean up. uuuuRK. 2. we are launching with 13 cities. we have 200 plus more and will add them as they are cleaned up. 13 is more than a headache enough for us at this point. 3. the 13 cities have some areas that are a bit messed up. ie. we have so many city areas called downtown, central, centrum, city, city center, soho, etc that the database has got a bit confused... so if you have happen to be looking for prada in soho new york and end up at shanghai tang in soho hong kong you will understand the issue. 4. the text for 'interior' descriptions has been cut off. 5. review dates are not yet functioning / supernews 1. missing post authors 2. the news items from 2003 till 07.2008 can be found under 'archive'. these reviews are uncategorized. / supertalk 1. should be largely working according to plan! [UPDATE DECEMBER 02 11pm - SUPERTALK STILL A BIT STUFFED... we are working on it] all the BUGS listed on superofficial. all the love and affection should be easy enough to find everywhere else ;-( EEEK. it makes entertaining reading all the same. / supershop 1. having issues with multiple purchases. ie. if you want to purchase both a tokyo and shanghai superguide you need to purchase separately. / supercontrol 1. you can only access supercontrol if you are an existing member of supertalk or a join as a new member. / /////////////////// wayne