superchat florence: guido biondi

superchat florence: guido biondi

founded in 2010, tuscany-based men's brand president's was created out of a passion for the authenticity and sturdiness of workwear. their mantra is 'less, but better' yet conceptually the brand is not concerned with trends but more focused on a paired down, curated approach to men's essentials. president's effortlessly marries streetwear and practicality with fabrics and old world tailoring. the president's wardrobe is a tight edit of pieces that live and evolve with the wearer, maturing over time and allowing each collection to overlap well into the next. each piece is produced in small quantities in tuscany with traditional techniques and materials like italian wools, scottish shetlands and salvedged japanese denim. we caught up with guido biondi, the creative director and brains behind president's for a closer look into the brand's philosophy. 

what inspired you to start designing menswear and what was the initial vision behind president'si get inspiration a lot from quality materials in addition to archived models we have gathered and put alot of research into fabrics and accessories. president's was born from the idea of creating a stylized mens wardrobe that combines sophisticated streetwear with classic contemporary, away from the trends that come and go.

growing up in italy, you must have been exposed to traditional mens crafting and tailoring, does this play a role in the brand? the sartorial aspect does, the tailoring and an eye for detail are the fundamental elements of president's. you can find this not only in the classic fit pieces, but also in the spirit of streetwear from which we also draw much inspiration.

who is president's customer and what is his general perspective? the president's client is a man who loves and knows quality fabrics, regardless of his age. he loves timeless clothing that's made with great workmanship and with material combinations that go beyond the obvious.

do seasonal trends influence the creation of each collection? president's is not a brand for "fashion victims", but more of a research of the classic with a hint of contemporary. by selecting high quality materials and top accessories, one goes much further than the concept of trends: it becomes a lifestyle.

in your opinion, what are the foundations of a good men's wardrobe? in the wardrobe of every man, in my opinion, one should find pieces that reflect the history of menswear: a blazer, a trench coat, jeans - made to perfection and with a flawless fit.

tell us about your creative process and what inspires your fabric and construction choices? my creative process starts always from historical clothing, recreating them by interacting with item-specific alternative materials or construction methods, giving birth to brand new classics, like the blazer made of harris tweed, made seamless by using thermo-welding. 

collaborations seem to be an integral part of the president's dna, what draws you to work with particular people and/or companies? the collaborations, for me, are very important, because they help the audience to understand the brand positioning and the direction it is moving in. i always choose unique products and brands with whom to create a more or less famous collaboration; whats important to me is the care and the workmanship that shines through.

can you tell us a bit about the current collection? in the new collection I have put together two different worlds that didn't previously have much to do with each other: the caribbean world characterized by colorful patterns and fine, light materials together with the world of workwear, that shines through from the seams and technical solutions of the pieces.

what's on the horizon for president's and how do you see the brand evolving? the primary goal of president's is to offer better done and authentic products. the brand's future holds the opening of a flagship store in which one can find president's clothing next to other, completely different but complimentary tuscany-made products. starting coming fall our collections will be available at sevenbell. it's a brand new online store that we'll be launching in september but you can already subscribe to our newsletter to be kept in the loop. it's in fact the only place where to snap up our pieces. well, next to the soto store in berlin