superchat rotterdam: henrik vibskov

globetrotting busy bee henrik vibskov was in rotterdam with good friend and artist andreas emenius to bake savoury french cakes as part of their intriguing multi-disciplinary art project the fringe projects. superfuture caught up with the danish designer for a little chat during his smoke break. your fashion incorporates sooo many elements, influences, references…how would you call it yourself? oh geez, i don’t know…'easy' maybe? my fashion is like a wave of creativity, it doesn’t have one specific style but it does have a fun factor! style itself isn’t at all important to me but I do design with four basic principles clearly in mind: avant-garde, colour, form and cut. with these principles it all comes together nicely. know what i mean? you’re involved in so many different things like fashion, film and music. is there something new you’d like to explore? architecture, for sure! for some time now i’ve been playing with this idea of building a dog-shaped house. i have a dog, you know. it would be funny to able to park my car in between the dog's legs…ha! what are your favourite shopping cities? to be honest, i’m not much of a shopper. i mean i never shop for fashion. what i do like is snapping up art works and props for my store in copenhagen and the new one in oslo. i love to stroll around places such as flea markets. the ones in london, and porte de clignancourt in paris are just great! speaking of shops, where will you open next? i'm not sure yet. for some time i've been thinking of amsterdam or berlin but the credit crisis has put things in a completely different perspective. now it's likely that it's going to be new york...despite the fact that my label is already sold there in quite a few places. favourite destinations then? iceland is a lot of fun, there’s a kooky vibe there that i'm totally into. i especially like going there in summertime. also korea! i was there recently for a show. the people are sooo nice and the food is truly amazing. henrik vibskov will return to the netherlands later this month for a full-scale exhibition, once again with buddy andreas emenius, at the zeeuws museum in middelburg.
© mikkel bache