superchat paris: rosa alpert

© cara & co - cara & co founder rosa alpert and creative director alexey oleshov

cara & co, moscow's 'no logos' concept store, recently opened their traveling exhibition synergy of art & fashion, in aid of the the sound world charity. launched at vendôme luxury in paris during the latest fashion week, the show rounds up on jul 31 in sydney, coinciding with the launch of cara & co's massive new outpost there. the synergy of art & fashion exhibition will also travel to berlin, moscow, shanghai and seoul. the exhibition sees commisioned pieces from the likes of charlie le mindu, tzuri gueta, akira isogawa and eight other acclaimed designers intertwine with neon webs from sculpture artist sean mcginnis. all pieces will be auctioned off at the end of their run, with all proceeds going towards the sound world support programs and cochlear implant operations for hearing disabled children. superfuture sat down with cara & co's consumate founder rosa alpert at the launch of the exhibition to chat cara & co, synergy of art & fashion and 'no logos'.

so who is cara? cara is my late beloved airedale terrier who passed away in 2007 at the age of eleven. we spent a fortune keeping this dog alive, we were her 'co'. but no regrets, the dog had a human soul.

your 'no logos' ethos is talked about a lot, where did this come from? cara & co is a concept store with the motto 'no logos, fashion only'. we are for the men and women who don't need an 'LV', or some other bag littered with logos to feel complete. when there is a choice between the label and no label we simply need to choose what corresponds to our beliefs. in fashion or action. we've been in moscow since 2007 doing our best to showcase this, and are about to launch in sydney to do the same there. we want to support and expose brands that are unique and truly different in their direction. there are also plans to open up cara & co in china very soon, but i don't want to say too much just yet! tell us more about your new sydney store? our sydney store will be launching on jul 31 at the new westfield shopping centre on castlereagh street. westfield is launching their most luxurious shopping centre yet and we've got 580 sqm of it. we'll be featuring a different selection of fashion to that of our store in moscow. it'll be specifically tailored to bringing some unique brands: russian, australian and international ones to sydneysiders.

how did the sound world and cara & co collaboration come about? both are my initiatives. since 2009 cara & co has contributed 10% of total sales towards the sound world. we've also done collaborative projects such as an exclusive t-shirt line. but synergy of art & fashion is a big effort to push awareness of the charity. we stock all the participating designers of the exhibition in our store, and for this project we approached them with a 'carte blanche'. they simply were asked to create a piece of their work that they could envision being hung in a gallery, the 'synergy' part. sean mcginnis came on board to bind them together in an installation, and it's turned out beautifully. he'll be traveling ahead to rope up each space the exhibition travels to.

what exactly does the sound world do? it's the saying 'give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime'. we want to help solve a disability and cause positive change. we provide cochlear implant surgery and post-operation abilitation support for children in armenia in the hope that once the armenian government sees this action, they will take action of their own. we hope that when we see positive change in this region we can move on to the next country where this process could help. we support it through our efforts at cara & co and through donations at our website.

and the superfuture question: have you got any favourite places in moscow and sydney aside from your own stores? we respect le form, another concept store in moscow. and alexey oleshov, my creative partner at cara & co is looking forward to his first swim in sydney. during his past ten visits, he's been highly unsuccessful at that. particularly on an unfortunate day at beautiful jervis bay.

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