stockholm: utopian bodies - fashion looks forward

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with fashion's perennial cyclic trajectory most consumers take time to look beyond the trends and see the hidden value of its creative foundation. an elaborate exhibition currently held at liljevalchs konsthall in stockholm explores fashion's potential, mapping out imaginable futures for the adorned body. entitled utopian bodies - fashion looks forward, and curated by serge martynov and sofia hedman, the exhibition sheds light on the aforementioned, presenting fashion’s possibilities and highlighting human creativity. it does so by projecting a vision, spread over eleven galleries, and each representing a theme.

in a series of evocative settings the topics sustainability, change, technology, craft + form, craft + colour, resistance + society, resistance + beauty, solidarity, memory, and last but not least, gender identity and love, are elaborated on in an attempt to show what's possible today and where we can be in the future. on display are over 200 objects, and includes plenty of highlights, ranging from hussein chalayan's tech-savvy table skirt and items from one of the planet's largest private collections of alexander mcqueen, to issey miyake's king + queen installation from the s/s 1999 a-poc collection.

and that's not all, folks. brands and labels that represent traditional craftsmanship are also represented, as well as exemplary names from fashion's new generation of avant-garde designers. the show also commissioned 16 leading swedish designers to create unique garments. additionally, artists orlando campbell and anastasya martynova made special artworks, charlie le mindu and perry patraszewski created signature wigs, and oscar wilhelmsson created make-up palettes. in the memory room fashion is shown as a material memory, showing how clothes can make us recall the past, and almost take on magical properties, all by way of a personal story.

many of the participants in this section have an authoritative cult status both in the fashion industry and far beyond, and includes fashion journalist hamish bowles, eurovision winner conchita wurst, fashion guru diane pernet, former model twiggy and indie pop queen lykke li. and indicating fashion as a source of innovation, the exhibition also presents some of the latest wearable technologies and how fashion is dealing with the global climate crisis [on through feb 7]. location: djurgårdsvägen 60 [djurgården].

© museea - exhibition settings