stockholm: robert mapplethorpe

he's one of the 20th century's leading photographers who influenced a whole generation with his classical antiquity and renaissance-inspired style, and the way he translated these aesthetics to a time and culture of his own, namely new york’s gay scene in the 1980s. we're talking the late robert mapplethorpe and an elaborate exhibition dedicated to his iconic work at stockholm's magnificent fotografiska museet, opening there on fri - jun 17. the show features a retrospective of nearly 200 prints, from beautifully lit unadorned male bodies to female nudes, various flowers, in addition to portraits of his artist friends such as patti smith, robert rauschenberg and louise bourgeois. location: stadsgårdshamnen 22 [södermalm]. © the robert mapplethorpe foundation, inc. / robert mapplethorpe - ken moody and robert sherman [1984]