stockholm: reality machines

© olafur eliasson - your body of work [2011] / photography: anders sune berg

the moderna museet and arkdes, two neighbouring institutions in stockholm, have joined forces to create for a major exhibition dedicated to olafur eliasson [1967], one of the leading contemporary artists of our time. born in copenhagen, eliasson grew up in iceland and now divides his time between the danish capital and berlin where he maintains a studio with a staff of no less than 90 people. the artist is known to explore the spaces in which we dwell, with a wde range of works that straddle disciplines as diverse as sculpture, painting, photography, film, installations, architectural projects and site-specific works in public spaces. but what make his works so compelling is the fact that these works are in fact a dialogue with ecology, architecture, science and urban spaces. the exhibition, entitled reality machines and curated by matilda olof-ors, is currently held on the premises of moderna museet, and elaborates on eliasson's stellar career so far. on display are 19 exemplary works and installations, including less ego walla new piece that the artist created especially for this exhibition [on through jan 17]. location: exercisplan 4 [skeppsholmen].

© olafur eliasson - model room [2003], i only see things when they move [2004] and installation view / photography: anders sune berg