stockholm: helmut newton retrospective

© helmut newton estate / photography: helmut newton - bergstrom over paris, paris [1976]

one of the 20th century's legendary photographers, helmut newton's work is marked by meticulously stylized - or should we say decadent? - and often erotically charged scenes. despite the controversy he went on to become highly influential, especial in fashion circles where he was regarded and recognized as an image innovator until hos tragic death in 2004. opening on fri - may 31 at stockholm's fotografiska is a retrospective exhibition that highlights newton’s photographic work. the show comprises some 180 works which are displayed thematically: fashion, nudes, portraits, sex and humour, and combined these encapsulate the master’s vision of the world and photography.

newton has worked simultaneously with fashion and editorial commissions, both for fashion magazines and erotic publications such as playboy. additionally, newton shot a sizeable range of portraits, but only of people that really interested him. he actually claimed that the job of a portrait photographer was to seduce, amuse and entertain. the list of contemporary creatives who have acknowledged being influenced by the german-born photographer is a lengthy one, and includes renowned icons such as mario testino, stanley kubrick, tom ford, roman polanski and herb ritts. location: stadsgårdshamnen 22 [södermalm].

© helmut newton estate / photography: helmut newton - yves saint laurent, rue aubriot, paris [1975]