stockholm: farang restaurant opening

© tuomas uusheimo - dining room and open kitchen

located on the ground floor of an industrial building in downtown stockholm that once belonged to the municipal electricity company, restaurant farang has caused somewhat of a stir in the city's hospitality since it opened. and the reason is simple: sumptuous food is being served in a well-designed contemporary setting. the restaurant is owned by chefs kim öhman, tomi björck and matti wikberg who had already opened an eponymous establishment in helsinki four years ago. the new venture in the swedish capital occupies an expansive space of no less than 700 sqm. [7,535 sq.ft.], designed by finnish design practice futudesign. the industrial character of the interior has largely been retained while refurbishments have been executed with materials such as wood, steel and concrete that are compatible and add up to creating a sleek yet welcoming atmosphere.

but the industrial foundation of farang's acquired splendour has wisely been kept very visible. while the dining hall is able to accommodate 200 guests, the separate bar + lounge section can accommodate another 90. farang meaning foreigner in the thai language, the restaurant's cuisine combines the rich palette of flavours and foods of not only thailand, but also vietnam, malaysia and indonesia. similar to tradion in southeast asia, the dishes served at farang are meant to be shared, hence the restaurant is void of any formal rigidity. and as good food requires matching drinks, these come in a selection of fine wines, cocktails and even a variety of asian beers. location: tulegatan 7 [norrmalm].

© tuomas uusheimo - dining room, bar + lounge [top to bottom]