stockholm: denim trekking

oskar and anton olsson, the owners of jeans brand denim demon, clearly lurrrve to show off swedish heritage. curious about the different looks of their jeans through wearing, here’s what they did. seven people of the sámi community were asked to wear the brand’s aajja raw model on a six month trail, taking them 8,000 km across northern scandinavia. shnapper sebastian skarp documented the whole journey and the result is being put on display at riche / lilla baren on thu – jan 28 [6pm-8pm] in attendance of four of the sámi jeans trekkers. location: birger jarlsgatan 4 [östermalm].
© denim demon / sámi trekkers: per-henrik bergkvist, nils-ove gustafsson, per-åke niia [top to bottom]