stockholm: an imagined city

© mobile art productions - preparations prior to today's launch

map is a stockholm-based art organisation that produces and presents situation-specific art projects. all aspects of the organisation are based on the ideas of an artist or curator, and from which specific collaborations are established to produce new work and create situations. map’s flexible structure makes it possible to work across genres and realise projects that otherwise would have been difficult to carry out. launching today is an imagined city, map's latest project with jonas dahlberg. this leading swedish artist has crafted a site-specific architectural sound and light installation on and around postenhuset, an old post office in the east of the city. during the restoration of the building dahlberg transformed the structure into an austere, black façade to use as his backdrop. in daylight the temporarily blackened building becomes the archetypal image of contemporary architecture, only to be transformed into a seemingly black hole at night. when darkness falls two windows light up and shine their spotlights down onto the street. the beams are filled with voices that take the viewer on a journey through cities, places and buildings, in stories that are based on an archive of memories of cinematic rooms and spaces. the austere façade, or the black hole, becomes a screen onto which the audience can project their own memories, thoughts and ideas regarding architecture and what a city could be [on through dec 31]. location: nybrogatan 57 [östermalm].

© mobile art productions - photography: åke eson lindman