stockholm: abba the museum opening

© premium rockshot / photography: bengt h. malmqvist [1975] - the good old days

pretty much considered a national treasure, pop band abba has got itself a museum. well, not quite. but its significance to swedish pop history - given the massive global success and the sheer longevity of it, something even the haters of the band's catchy tunes and lyrics must admit - is so enormous that a special showcase within the new premises of the swedish music hall of fame in stockholm is easily justified. called abba the museum, a well-chosen name that'll surely pull many more visitors, its an extension of sorts of the abbaworld traveling exhibition that toured the planet between 2009 and 2011. what's on display? there's an abundance of the band’s 1970s stage outfits, lots of artifacts, screenings of concert footage and interviews, all featured in modern and interactive setting. if you really, really must you as die-hard fan can sing and dance with holograms of abba, wearing a garish digital costume that's projected on to you in a special booth, record it and share it on social media. so, if you had planned on finally letting out your inner abba fan, this is the place to do so. location: swedish music hall of fame, djurgårdsvägen 68 [djurgården].

© abba the museum / photography: åke eriksson lindman - museum showcase