st. barth's: art, text and fire poems

© art saint barth / robert montgomery

there's a little more to the caribbean than merely sun, fun and the frivolous sound of steel least on st. barth's. after all, this is french territory. officially opening today [7pm-10pm] with a performance by artist robert montgomery on the beach opposite eden rock gallery on the northern shores of the island, is the exhibition art, text and fire poems. this show which takes an in-depth look at the use of text in art, and exploress the way in which text has introduced a new mode of thought to artistic practices. when language is used in art, the letter, the word or the phrase are seen and experienced, and not necessarily read. interestingly, the written language is freed from the page, as well as from its received meanings, received forms, and, in some cases, the duties of communication altogether. during the 1960s, it became common practice for modernist critics to attribute a meaning or explanation to a piece of work, but with text now playing such a prominent role, the justification for the artwork's existence seemed to already be there, written clearly in front of the viewer.

many of today's artists are still developing and expanding this prominent artistic medium's possibilities. the show is co-presented by art st. barth, and also features works by two other prominent artists who have taken to text as a means to capture their creative output, and each in their own way: jean-charles de castelbajac and blair chivers [on through dec 15]. but that's not all. related to the event is a pop-up store by each x other, a collaborative french clothing brand that's strongly connected with artists, poets, musicians, designers and artisans, and which uses their clothing is presented as a blank canvas. the temporary retail space is also located on the premises of the eden rock hotel and carries the brand's newest artsy designs [open daily 6pm-10pm]. location: eden rock hotel, baie de st.-jean [st. barth's].

© art saint barth / jean-charles de castelbajac + blair chivers [top + bottom]