singapore: workshop element store opening

© workshop element - a new retail platform for independent fashion designers

wisma atria is an upscale mall on orchard road, a bustling thoroughfare and singapore's premier shopping district. it's home to a string of established mid and top range brands that usually have little appeal to those in search of fashion with an edge. but that was until last week when workshop element opened up shop there. intended as a retail platform for young emerging upstarts and veteran designers, it features collections of 16 creatives from the city state. the retail space measures a very spacious 6,000 sq.ft. [557 sqm.] and features a whitewashed interior with artsy d.i.y. elements. the store currently carries collections of 16 designers and curators, from young, emerging upstarts, veteran designers and fashion’s most familiar names, including womb, elohim, laark and sceneplicityworkshop element is a temporary store and will be operational for the next eight months only. location: 435 orchard road, shop 03-16-49 [orchard west].

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