singapore: the social tree installation

© changi airport - would the social the social tree be prism-bugged too?

it's been hailed year after year for its efficiency, great facilities and plenty of room, but now singapore's changi airport has become fun too. a new hi-tech attraction has been installed that blends avant-garde design with interactive technology just for the traveler's amusement. well, if you have a smartphone that is. it's called the social tree, and is prominently displayed at terminal 1, right after the immigration and set against the scenic backdrop of moving planes on the tarmac. what's the buzz all about? well, the social tree is surrounded by eight touch-screen photo booths that enable you to attach photos onto the colourful and animated crown of the structure, which is made up of 64 giant 42-inch high-definition screens, and offering a 360-degree display of various animated backgrounds including a mystical forest and the singapore skyline. you're also able to post photos and videos taken at the booths on your own social networking profiles. anyone having an avatar flashback, or is it just us? location: changi airport, terminal 1, central piazza [changi].

© changi airport - the social tree beckons from afar