singapore: the perfect drug

© ben frost - skull [2013] - acrylic on found packaging

sydney-based pop-artist ben frost comes to town for a cool exhibition at kult gallery. known for his provocative statements, frost now presents a body of new work that explores society's obsession and relationship with mass-consumerism. aptly called the perfect drug, the show opens thu - feb 21 [7pm] and features a series of intricate paintings on fast food and pharmaceutical packaging that he found in the street. from mcdonald’s french fry packages adorned with skulls and praying families, to simpsons characters painted onto viagra boxes, frost's new work inavoidably requires a second look, if not a totally new perception. by taking the packaging of these products and adding his own elements, frost recontextualizes their messages into more interesting, challenging and subversive meanings. location: 11 upper wilkie road [city hall].

© ben frost - homer [2013] - acrylic on found packaging