singapore: perfect is no fun

© wataru komachi - neu sky, berlin [2014]

tokyo-based artist wataru komachi lands his first exhibition in singapore, opening fri - jul 18 [8pm-late] at underground watering hole and art gallery 22. entitled perfect is no fun, komachi's show presents a body of new work, consisting of a series of photographs and silkscreen collages. the works give viewers a good insight in komachi's eclectic artistic vision which is very much inspired by zen philosophy and putting the present digital age in a perspective of relativity and slight irony. mind you, the works on display at the show are all for sale, in addition to work from komachi's other portfolios and even t-shirts. location: 22 mosque street [chinatown].

© wataru komachi - love 2 [2014] and because i'm happy [2014]