singapore: neo folk 2

© rudy atjeh - welcome to the jungle [2012] - hand-cut paper

as in most cultures, art has often served as a mirror of time, documenting a specific era of people's or a nation's trajectory. while asia is booming and the economic frenzy has triggered an increased artistic output across the continent, a group of contemporary artists has emerged that, quite interestingly, finds artistic inspiration in their cultural past. opening tue - jan 14 [6pm-9pm] at ikkan art gallery in singapore is neo folk 2, a group show curated by kult, clear edition & gallery and damien brachet, which explores the work of contemporary asian artists who have delved into their roots and traditional crafts, remixing and creating images inspired by their cultural heritage. these artists use the same visual language of their ancestors to create a commentary of sorts on contemporary asian culture and society.the curators view this desire to rework heritage as a way to search for identity and to shape the future. participating artists include hideyuki katsumata, rudy atjeh, anjo bolarda, hilmi johandi and lin chin fong. location: 39 keppel road, unit #01-05 [bukit merah].

© budi nugroho x flabslab - dancing gaia [2012] - resin + hideyuki katsumata - yaoyoroz [2009] - acrylic and ink on paper