singapore: chinatown vinyl squad

© kult - original vintage record sleeve

creative collective kult has curated a quirky new sale exhibition of vintage chinese vinyl record covers. it's called chinatown vinyl squad and opens sat - mar 29 [5pm] at what we think is the most appropriate of places, the funky zui hong lou dim sum bar + restaurant. the aim of the showcase is to bring these vintage record covers back into the limelight with an edgy modern twist. no less than 25 local and international artists were each given a vintage 12-inch vinyl record cover from the 1970s and 1980s, and were asked to use it as both canvas and inspiration for their artwork. by drawing, painting, silkscreening and collaging directly onto the album covers, the creatives have created new works of art. most of the covers are totally obscure, with some being traced back to the local music scenes in malaysia, hong kong, and even as far as taiwan. the lineup of participating artists features some of today's brightest talents in urban art, and includes eric foenander, sbtg, anjo bolarda, deladeso and ryan ady putra. location: zui hong lou, 8 ann siang hill [chinatown].

© kult - original vintage record sleeve and artistic renderings by eric foenander