shanghai: the world is not small - 1826

hailing from tokyo, yuki onodera is a photographic artist who currently lives and works in paris. onodera's solo exhibition the world is not small - 1826 opens at shanghai's vanguard gallery on wed - sep 5 [5pm-8pm]. on display are ten photographic works, all chosen from her eponymous new series that was finished earlier this year. the new works are part of onodera's ongoing movement and bodies research of place and time. in her related previous work roma - roma [2004], the artist's focus is not on the italian capital but on two other cities named roma, and both separately shot. and in the works below orpheus [2006], the artist rushed towards the places of the disappearances and the superman legend, the two points of contrary latitude and longitude on earth, to document the farthest two places. for her newest show onodera didn't travel but merely collected place names around the world, produced signage with these place names, and place them in a room. the scene looks like the ocean of signage in extreme surreal mood. the signage contain not only names of mountains, rivers, alleys, etc. but the names of flowers, persons, even the fictional animal names. location: 50 moganshan lu, building 4a, room 204 [suzhou creek].

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