shanghai: the waterhouse at south bund opening

© the waterhouse at south bund it may look rather inconspicuous on the outside, but behind the concrete façade there's a cutting-edge boutique hotel that is the waterhouse at south bund. the newly opened property features only 19 rooms, impeccably designed by shanghai-based agency neri & hu. the non-descript utilitarian vibe of the original building has been transformed into a style statement that combines edgy with luxury. the hotel‟s playful design philosophy is based on the blurring of internal and external spaces. as a result public places allow glimpses into private rooms while the private spaces invite guests to peek into public areas. the waterhouse at south bund features a restaurant, named table no. 1 and manned by an acclaimed chef. there's a rooftop bar with absolutely stunning cross-river views of the booming pudong district, and as a special service guests can rent vintage scooters for easy urban explorations. a second building located adjacent to the hotel accommodates an events warehouse. measuring 743 sqm., the multi-functional space has a double-storey ceiling and is adaptable to almost any event. location: 1-3 maojiayuan lu [huangpu].
© the waterhouse at south bund