shanghai: shanghai film museum opening

© tilman thürmer / coordination asia - the museum's entrance hall

as the place where the first recorded screening of a motion picture took place in china, shanghai has played a pivotal role in the country's cinema history despite setbacks and restrictions of various kinds. banking on this rich heritage is the shanghai film museum, a newly opened venue of 15,000 sqm. [161,459 sq.ft.] that brings together an extensive collection of historic chinese movie content and objects. designed and planned by shanghai-based agency coordination asia, it's quite fittingly located in a former film studio and occupies four floors. interestingly, it's the city's first film museum, and it aims for a leading role in maintaining the international position of shanghai film by raising awareness for the industry’s value on a national level. the venue boasts a state-of-the-art setting, featuring 70 interactive installations that supplement a vast collection of 3,000 historic exhibits.

fun and educational, there's lots to do and see, from dubbing classical films in a real sound studio and walking through a life-like film set, to becoming a star and be mobbed by paparazzi, and have a virtual meet and greet with the most prominent faces and places in shanghai’s film history. the shanghai film museum makes a conscious and clear link to the present and future of filmmaking by integrating fully equipped real-time production studios, in which visitors can also participate in the craft of filmmaking. an interesting mix of professional studios for animation, post-production, sound and live broadcasting enables visitors to see first hand how film professionals use traditional craft as well as modern digital technology to create features for the silver screen. location: 595 caoxi bei lu [xu jia hui].

© tilman thürmer / coordination asia - the various sections within the museum