shanghai: marni edition store opening

© marni - the marni edition store at réel department store

marni already operates a boutique in shanghai at the plush plaza 66 mall, but has now expanded its retail operations in the city with a marni edition store. located at réel department store, a new upscale shopping grounds for the fashion-savvy. the standalone unit measures 80 sqm. [861 sq.ft.] and features an interior that's designed by london-based sybarite architects. the whole perimeter of the selling area has been covered with back-lit transparent alveolar panels, covered with a printed adhesive films in the three different patterns. steel tubular structures like a 'metal forest' are distinctive marni edition elements. steel shelves are added to the tubular structures to grant an interchangeable display, both for ready-to-wear and accessories. fibreglass display boxes, set into frit-patterned stainless steel walls, become a focal point while circular fibreglass display tables sit atop insets of deeper hued carpeting. suspended mannequins appear to float in the simple façade, kept clear to allow clear views into the shop. this opening is part of a new retail offensive that has also seen the opening of two additional marni stores in the second-tier cities of nanjing and shenyang. location: 1600 nanjing xi lu, shop 112 [jing'an si].

© marni - fancy retail environment