shanghai: inside out

© galerie magda danysz / photography: jr, shanghai [2014]

photographer jr makes his mark on shanghai. as part of france-chine 50, a cultural programme which celebrates half a century of friendship between the people's republic and france, jr is having an exhibition at galerie magda danysz's satellite venue [1]. entitled inside out, the show presents showcases the quirky frenchman's most recent creative output, ranging from new photographs, pastings on wood and paper works [on through jul 5]. there's also a related exhibition further down the street at the massive powerstation of art [2], and this one highlights the great adventure of jr's new inside out project with life-size photographs.

the works on display demonstrate the photographer's strong conviction that art can be made by everyone and for everyone, and that it can even contribute to society and gain both human and social momentum [on through jun 7]. jr's third manifestation is by way of a photo booth truck that travels across china for two months, stopping at some of this vast nation's most iconic places. the photobooth truck is a unique production, bringing photography and contemporary art to the people by offering them to create with him a global work of art by pasting the portraits of every participant on street surfaces in key locations. location [1]: 188 linqing lu [huangpu]. location [2]: 200 huayuangang lu [huangpu].

© galerie magda danysz / photography: jr, shanghai [2014] and stéphane bisseuil