seoul: takashi in superflat wonderland

© galerie emmanuel perrotin / takashi murakami - superflat flowers [2010]

a major showcase by contemporary japanese artist takashi murakami has just opened at plateau - samsung museum of art in seoul. the show is titled takashi in superflat wonderland, and is inspired on the artist's superflat theory. this theory refers to the traditional and contemporary visual culture of japan, as well as the shallow emptiness of its consumer culture. the artist emerged as one of the most innovative artists of our time by reinterpreting the western tradition of contemporary art with an asian sensibility. this exhibition aims to present the dynamics  of murakami's creative universe and unique characters while reconsidering the critical function of his art in the historical and social context of contemporary society [on through dec 12]. location: samsung life insurance building, taepyongno 2-ga [jung-gu].

© galerie emmanuel perrotin / takashi murakami - kaikai and kiki [2005]