seoul: superstar hall of fame

© adidas

adidas originals has been celebrating its iconic superstar shoe on a few occasions around the planet, but not quite as elaborate as in seoul. in the south korean capital, one of asia's more mature markets, the festivities have adapted accordingly and taken shape of a conceptualized pop-up venue extraordinaire. boldly baptized superstar hall of fame, the sportswear giant teamed up with local creative agency urbantainer to give a low-rise building smack in the middle of the leafy shinsa-dong neighbourhood an industrial makeover with a raw, artistic edge. spread over three whole floors, this is very much a multi-purpose showcase that aims for maximum brand immersion.

situated on the ground floor is a special adidas originals shop stocked with a wide range of modern make-over models of the superstar sneaker, and it comes with a so-called superstar cleaning session – that's where old superstars are given an makeover – and photo booth from where the result can be instantly shared online. the second and third floors are dedicated to superstar history, and featured facts and memorabilia from 1969, the year it was launched, to the present day through carefully curated photos, products, and art works of street fashion, music, and also manifestations of culture where the shoe infiltrated are exhibited.

a second exhibition, entitled hardwood & backboard, features stories and archived photos of the signature rubber shell toe of superstar which was a court-dominating basketball shoe, and examples from 1969 through the 1970s are displayed. and yes, there's yet another showcase. this section is called music & culture connection, and elaborates on how the superstar made it big in the world of hip-hop in the 1980s. additional rooms display superstar artwork by photographers and illustrators, portraits of superstar-loving celebs, and last but certainly not least, there's ample room for fashion and the shoe's link with the current scene.

the superstar’s 35th anniversary collaboration is exhibited along with the 10th anniversary of consortium, a collab project of skateboard pioneer mark gonzales, japanese streetwear icon nigo, and last but not least, juun.j, arguably the most celebrated korean designer of late. obviously, there's no dull moment at the superstar hall of fame – well, if there ever was one in its short history... – and a larger part of the exhibitions will rotate, while a number of events and gigs are scheduled to keep avid adidas originals fans fully entertained [open through apr 19]. location: shinsa-dong 524-34 [shinsa-dong].

© adidas