seoul: neil barrett shop-in-shop opening

© virgile simon bertrand - just one of four neil barrett shop-in-shops in the korean capital

menswear brand neil barrett continues its collaboration with zaha hadid architects, and has opened a new shop-in-shop at the main branch of galleria - a leading luxury department store - in apgujeong, a swanky neighbourhood in seoul. the london-based architecture practice first designed an interior for neil barrett's hong kong store which opened in 2011. the design concept is based on a singular, cohesive project that is divided into sixteen separate furniture pieces that create a unique display landscape. each separate element acts a as piece in a puzzle of the original ensemble, ensuring each store maintains a relationship to a clearly defined whole and with the other neil barrett shop-in-shop locations.

the pieces have been carved and moulded from the original solid as pairs that define each other to create an artificial landscape that unfolds multiple layers for display. these emerging forms engage the same design principles adopted for the neil barrett flagship store in tokyo. along with the shop-in-shop at galleria in apgujeong, three other locations with the same design signature have been opened in the korean capital. even more units are planned to be launched shortly here in seoul, but also in beijing and shanghai. location: galleria, luxury hall east, apgujeong-dong 494, 3rd floor [apgujeong].

© virgile simon bertrand