seoul: me, myself & mahso

© 1984 - mahsoyoung takes over 1984

artchive studio was founded last year in seoul by sohyung kim and soyoung ma, two young designers whose aim is to create useful and wearable fashion items with a timeless edge. soyoung ma had already launched the mahso label when based in london, but renamed it mahsoyoung after returning to the homeland. the duo currently make collections with the aforementioned directives. artchive studio has taken over the newly established 1984 store this weekend to celebrate its first anniversary with an exhibition. the me, myself & mahso showcase features the designer's entire collection, from her time in the british capital to her current base in seoul, and from mahso to mahsoyoung. additionally on display are a series of drawings and writings that elaborate on the designer's creative process. the exhibition is divided into three sections: london period, seoul + artchive studio and retail area. interestingly, the show can be viewed live online [on through nov 11]. location: hyewon building, 158-24 donggyo-dong [hongdae].

© 1984 - from london to seoul